Garth Bowden

sound pieces

These three pieces are part of an ongoing project exploring the relationship between sound and meaning. Voices speaking in various languages pull our attention between the pure sensual experience of sound and the images that appear when we comprehend a word.
This process mirrors what happens in visual language as we naturally shift between seeing a thing as itself, and reading or seeing through something as we do a sign.

Our lexicon expands from 0 - 10 in this gentle soundscape of randomly spoken numbers. In the background is the sound of rain falling gently on a tin roof near Kyoto, Japan.

Binary whisper presents a soundscape of 1's and 0's spoken randomly in various languages, pulled together with the recording of a storm in the background. It's a gentle, erotic dance of opposites that slowly mounts, climaxes and then recedes.

Moving from the relative limitations of numbers to the expansive choice of random words, here we go on a exotic journey of sound and meaning. Voices speaking in various languages means we move between comprehension and incomprehension, between the signified and the signifier.